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Weekend Wellness: The Nutrition Rainbow 


Many years ago, I adopted the notion of eating a rainbow of colors.  I knew this would  give me loads of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals, anti inflammatory properties and nutrient dense, calorically low whole foods.  Here’s a deeper look in to my notion:

Red Fruits and Vegetables
Contain nutrients such as lycopene, ellagic acid, Quercetin, and Hesperidin, to name a few. These nutrients reduce the risk of prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce tumor growth and LDL cholesterol levels, scavenge harmful free-radicals, and support join tissue in arthritis cases. Continue reading


Weekend Wellness: What I Know For Sure

wellness-vision-boardRight now I’m doing a vision board.  If you’ve never done one, they are extremely helpful in visualizing what you would like to invite into your life.  I’m getting off point though already….my point is for me to do to a vision board, I need to scan through pictures, magazines, anything which might invoke inspiration.

I don’t have many magazines so my local car wash was kind enough to give me about 50 of their old ones!  Continue reading

Weekend Wellness: Good To Know Inflammatory Foods

by: Tammy ParkinsonBody Firm Personal Training and Nutritional Consulting

wellness kelpA number of anti-inflammatory drugs in the market promise to ease our pain and calm angry allergic reactions. While they may provide quick relief, long-term use of some anti-inflammatory medications such as NSAIDs and steroids can actually weaken our immunity or cause unwanted side effects. Nature has provided us with many anti-inflammatory foods which don’t just work with negligible adverse reaction, but are also great tasting. Besides their abilities to reduce inflammation, they also supply us with loads of essential vitamins and minerals that boost our immune health. Continue reading

Weekend Wellness: A Plan For The Holidays

By Tammy Parkinson

wellness holiday eatingHappy Holidays! I wrote this last year and even though some of you might have read it, it might be helpful to revisit this concept again this November. Getting “real” with how you want to feel in January is a grounding tool in navigating through the next several weeks…as long as you make the journey there it will be a fun one. Here you go...

It’s here! The Holidays. Halloween was the intro, but Thanksgiving is a full court press of the “season”!

This is a wonderful time of year, however working with clients, this can be some of he most challenging weeks of the year…late November through January. Continue reading

Weekend Wellness – Focus On What You Want

By Tammy Parkinson

wellness focusLast week I began my 9th annual “no desserts” challenge during the Holidays. Essentially we have a group of us who commit to “no desserts/sweets” to either the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. If you “cheat”…you throw $50 into a kitty which goes towards the American Diabetics Association. It is for a good cause…both for a charity and for ourselves.

Well, as the laws of attraction would have it, as soon as I began (last Friday)…I was on “alert” for any sugary treats. It seemed I hadn’t really noticed the cookies at the bank, the samples of pie at Whole Foods, the tootsie rolls handed out by the guy at the deli. Now it appeared they were everywhere and taunting me. Continue reading

Weekend Wellness: Warranty

By Tammy Parkinson

auto warrantyPicture 2 beautiful new cars, fresh of the assembly line. They are the same make, model and year. One buyer (Joe) gets one, another (Jane) buys the other. They get them on the same day.

Joe signs up for the warranty plan and takes his car in when warrantied service is needed, as well as changes the oil regularly (using only the best) and always chooses optimal gas. Joe also washes his car with the best soaps as well as cleans the interior and waxes before it cries out for needed care. To really go for it, Joe puts new tires on as needed and stores his car in a warm garage.

Jane loves her new car but decides she needs to save a few dollars and uses the cheapest gas, only changes the oil when the gauge is on “Red” and decides a new car doesn’t need to be serviced until the check engine light comes on…which truly isn’t until at least 75K miles is tacked on. She does run her car through a car wash occasionally but doesn’t really bother with vacuuming or waxing. She’ll probably want a new car anyway by the time the car looks tattered.

4 years later and 80K miles on the odometer, Joe’s car looks and drives as though it’s only a year old, at best. Jane’s car however is in the shop often (costing her a small fortune and frustration) and looks like she bought it 15 years earlier.

How can two cars which start out exactly the same be so incredibly different? One is taken care of (even though it was time consuming), respected, and handled with care, while the other was taken for granted and used up quickly, figuring it would last until it was no longer needed.

Do we do this to ourselves? We all come in to this world, pretty healthy and similar for the most part. What we do from “day 1” off the assembly line so to speak can determine OUR warranty expiration; and if we will expire sooner than we bargained for or last longer than anyone thought we could. Two people could be born side by side in the same hospital on the same day, but depending on the maitenance and care given, one could be breaking down earlier than standard comparisons! So much of our lifetime expectancy has to do with the gas, oil, (i.e. food and water) maintenance, cleaning and gentle care we put in day after day, year after year.

The craziest part of this is many of us treat our bodies like Jane did her car, but we treat our actual vehicle like Joe did to his car. If it needs to be one over the other, shouldn’t it be the other way around? I personally love my car, but my health, I treat like the warranty is only valid if I take care of it every day. And I honor my warranty because I intend on driving this body and mind for many many years to come.

Weekend Wellness – Minerals

 By Tammy Parkinson

Last week I talked about the “ABC’s” of vitamins.  Along with getting in essential vitamins, we need essential minerals as well.  As always, please check with your Doctor if you are taking any medications to ensure you can safely add any extra minerals OR vitamins into your diet. It’s also an excellent idea to get blood work done often to see if you are deficient in any of the essential vitamins or Minerals. Here is a helpful list of Minerals needed: Continue reading