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Thinking of Making an Offer? 4 Tips for Success

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So you’ve been searching for that perfect house to call a ‘home,’ and you finally found one! The price is right, and in such a competitive market that you want to make sure you make a good offer so that you can guarantee your dream of making this house yours comes true!

Freddie Mac covered “4 Tips for Making an Offer” in their latest Executive Perspective. Here are the 4 Tips they covered along with some additional information for your consideration: Continue reading


Intero Insider – Home Prices Continue to Rise, but Less Rapidly

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By Gino Blefari, President & CEO, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

Housing Market Chart, At the national level, home prices continued to trend upward in the first quarter, although year-over-year increases were a bit smaller. The new data out from the National Association of Realtors shows different types of markets throughout the U.S., with things looking up on the whole.

Price increases were recorded in 74% of tracked markets, with 125 out of 170 metros showing gains in the first quarter. Of those, 37 metro areas, or 22%, had double-digit gains, while 45 metros had lower median prices. Continue reading

Intero Insider – Housing Roundup: A Second Chance, High Earners and Precious Affordability

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By Gino Blefari, President & CEO, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

Insider - back to work programWith the busiest home-buying season of the year upon us, we thought we’d do a roundup of interesting housing news from the week.

This time of year, it can be easy to stick our heads in the sand and move forward without stopping to get a bird’s eye view of the state of things. Here are some items that point to specific points of the housing spectrum that are worth keeping an eye on.

FHA program gives former homeowners chance to buy sooner

Homeowners who lost their homes to a short sale or foreclosure typically are required to wait three years before being able to purchase a home again with a Federal Housing Administration loan. That number is more like seven years for a conventional loan, though it can vary with special documentation and circumstances. Continue reading

Luxury Insider: The Year of the Condo

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By Alain Pinel, General Manager of Intero Prestigio international, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

condoIn the real estate residential arena, as everybody knows, the dynamic duo is made of Single Family Homes and Condos. In some towns, SFH represent 100% of the housing stock. In some districts of large cities, condos (together with co-ops) represent 100% of the stock. For the most part, they cohabit in harmony, as they serve different needs for different people.

Since towns, at this point and going forward, are far more likely to grow vertically than stretching horizontally due to the lack of buildable space where people want/need to live and work, condos keep on mushrooming very quickly on the land. Continue reading