Weekly Update from the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

We’re talking trash this week on the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce’s Weekly Update, sponsored by Team Patereau.



Kitchen Advice from Realtor.com

Team Patereau is getting ready to redo/update/upgrade our kitchen so we’re looking around the internet for ideas. Here’s an article from Realtor.com about trends that buyers hate. Not that we’re thinking about selling, but we want to know what’s out there in the market, likes and dislikes. We’re trying not to make mistakes that could cost us more in the long run.

What about you? What do you dislike in today’s kitchens?

5 Kitchen Design Trends That Buyers Hate


Serious home chefs, or just house-proud owners, might consider the kitchen their showstopper room—the one that will stop potential buyers dead in their tracks. And that’s why they add all the upgrades, accoutrements, and trendy new finishes they can possibly find. To some extent, they’re absolutely right—a great kitchen can make a buyer fall deeply in love. Continue reading

Consigliere: Disclosure of Prior Inspection Reports

by: Chris Moles, General Counsel, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

consigliere - disclosureAgents frequently come across a dilemma when they possess property inspection reports which were initially created and paid for by a third party. Often the report’s purchaser is not in contract with the seller or the listing agent and objects to use of the report. Sellers and their real estate agents have a duty to disclose prior inspection reports they possess regardless of who initially paid for the report, and the Legislature has reflected the courts’ position in the California Civil Code. Continue reading

Luxury Insider – August 2016

luxury insider - august 2016

The Intero Prestigio International Magazine is a luxury collection of the finest and most exclusive homes. Our cover property for this issue comes from agent Dan Kroner. It’s a brand new contemporary design with breathtaking panoramic bay views located in Los Altos Hills, CA. Continue reading