Weekend Wellness: What I Know For Sure

wellness-vision-boardRight now I’m doing a vision board.  If you’ve never done one, they are extremely helpful in visualizing what you would like to invite into your life.  I’m getting off point though already….my point is for me to do to a vision board, I need to scan through pictures, magazines, anything which might invoke inspiration.

I don’t have many magazines so my local car wash was kind enough to give me about 50 of their old ones! 

One was Oprah magazine which I enjoy.  At the very end of her magazine, she has a little blog called “what I know for sure”.  That gave me pause, thinking, “what do I know for sure”?  Immediately I started writing down what I “feel” or “believe” I know.

Here we go… What I know for sure:

  • Fermented foods are amazing for my digestion and I need to eat them daily
  • Green foods are nutrient dense and loaded with chlorophyll which help my red blood cells grow
  • Water is the fountain of youth.  The more water one drinks the better (99% of the time at least)
  • Ginger is the ultimate elixer
  • Some form of activity daily is healthy and a must
  • Starting off my day with a morning meditation and journaling sets my mood and focus for the day
  • I love what I do for a living
  • Dogs rock
  • What we put in our minds, our thoughts can make or break our day
  • Nature is breath taking and can energize me at any moment
  • Having protein in the morning sets our whole day up for success
  • We never should define ourselves by what we do, rather who we are on the inside.

These are just a few of my “what I know for sure”….; however one of the biggest “sureties” is Everything I know now for sure, might change in a year…but if we stay true to who we are, I will always feel solid, happy, confident, authentic and grounded.  This I know for sure.


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