Monday Morning Mojo: What Are You Worth?

by: Tom Tognoli, President & CEO, Intero Real Estate Services

mojo phelpsIf you won a bronze you’d want a silver…if you won a silver you’d want a gold…if you won  a gold you’d want more of them.

Let’s face it…no matter where we are in life we all want more…we want better…we want IT!

It is not to say that we can’t be happy with where we are,  but it’s just human nature to strive for more.  Whether we will admit it or not, we all want a better job…we want a promotion…we want to make more money…we want a nicer house, nicer car, nicer cloth’s…we all want to go on nicer vacations, donate more money and time, we want more money in the bank, we want to make a bigger difference, we want to be healthier and more fit…  We  all want more and better F5 (Faith-Family-Friends-Fitness-Finance)…right? 

Those who have given up on getting better will poopoo the idea of wanting more but there is nothing wrong with it and in my opinion it is healthy to always be striving to improve.  Again…be at peace with where you are,  but never be satisfied.  There is so much more out there waiting for you if you believe you are worth it.

Did you hear that?  If  YOU BELIEVE  you are worth it.  That is the first and most important thing towards accomplishing more at anything in life. You have to believe you are worth it.  If you do you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.  On the other hand if you don’t believe you are worth it you will sabotage yourself and your own success.  Maybe not consciously, but subconsciously.

So how do we go about believing we are worth it so we will do whatever it takes to get it?

Brainwash yourself.  That’s right…brainwash yourself.  Take time first thing every day to focus on what you want and deserve in life.

I have a list of things I review everyday…some call them affirmations…some call  them goals…some call them dreams.  I call them Thanks, Blessings and Passions.  I spend time first things every morning reading them and focusing on what I need to do to accomplish them.  Then I hit the gym with my earbuds in cranking tunes and visualizing myself CRUSHING THEM..  So by the time I get home and hit the office I am ON FIRE and ready to BRING IT!!!!

Like anything worthwhile remember the trick to making this brainwashing work  is not to do it just once or twice or for 10 days or a month or a year…do it every day for the rest of your life and the sky is the limit.

Bring it! 


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