Monday Morning Mojo: The First 5 Minutes

By Tom Tognoli

mojo 5 minutesI woke up yesterday morning and just didn’t feel like doing it.  So I procrastinated…I started picking up things around the house, checking email , surfing the web, checking out Facebook, surfing the web a bit more, having another cup of coffee, checking email again, cleaning  up the garage…    You know the program.

Finally, after I couldn’t procrastinate any longer, I sucked it up and headed to the gym.  I strolled in, put on my headset, and got started.  90 minutes later I finished up my best workout in the last week and felt awesome.    And that is after I would have let anylame excuse stop me from doing it less than 2 hours earlier.  And if I had not done it I would have had the guilt…the pain of regret.

The key to doing almost anything you don’t feeling like doing in life, but know it’s what you need to do, is just getting through the first 5 minutes.  It doesn’t matter which area of your F5 (Faith-Family-Friends-Fitness-Finance) we are talking about.  It could be making prospecting for business, going to church, working out, going for a walk after dinner, etc.  If you can just get through the first 5 minutes of doing it you are almost always glad you are doing it and when you are finished it feels great.  Come on…you know what I am talking about…right?

My challenge to all of us the rest of this year, including myself, is make a list of the all most important activities we need to do to CRUSH IT in all the equities of our life.  Then make a commitment that no matter what…no matter how much you don’t want to do it, you are going to do it for at least the first 5 minutes.  If we all commit to doing this we will not only finish 2015 strong but we will start out 2016 on fire!!!

You in?


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