Weekend Wellness – Focus On What You Want

By Tammy Parkinson

wellness focusLast week I began my 9th annual “no desserts” challenge during the Holidays. Essentially we have a group of us who commit to “no desserts/sweets” to either the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. If you “cheat”…you throw $50 into a kitty which goes towards the American Diabetics Association. It is for a good cause…both for a charity and for ourselves.

Well, as the laws of attraction would have it, as soon as I began (last Friday)…I was on “alert” for any sugary treats. It seemed I hadn’t really noticed the cookies at the bank, the samples of pie at Whole Foods, the tootsie rolls handed out by the guy at the deli. Now it appeared they were everywhere and taunting me.

It’s thought (and proven) what we focus on is what we attract. As soon as I focused on what I couldn’t have…there it was…everywhere. So, I tested the waters for a couple of days and focused on what I “could” have and lo and behold, amazing healthy choices were abundant and the goodies seemed to disappear.

I then watched a TED talks clip about the mindset of overcoming diet and exercise fatigue by seeing yourself as a different person. It’s the same concept…focus on what you want vs. what you don’t want or believe you cannot do. (It’s TED Talks Life Hack 2 by Emily Balcetis…worth watching!)

This is a fun, creative way to navigate through the next 2 months. Start to notice what you CAN / WANT to have in your life. Start with food. What food do you want to have to support your goals (i.e. if you want a huge pizza…does that support your goals?) Only focus on what you want and watch what appears in your day. It will be tricky because now and then you’ll drift back to what you don’t / “can’t” have to support your goals, so allow yourself some time to adjust your way of thinking.

After about a week, focus on (for example) the friendships you want in order to make you happy vs. complaining about the relationships you have which cause you stress.

Inch your way into this. It’s fun in all honestly to begin a new way of experiencing your day. Your day is still 24 hours long…however what shows up in the day can be exactly what you hope for.

PS…if you want to jump in on the no desserts challenge it’s not too late!!


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