Monday Morning Mojo: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

By Tom Tognoli

mojo comfortablePeople do it all of the time…we look for ways to avoid pain and being uncomfortable.  It’s just the way God wired all of us…its human instinct and a protective mechanism in all of us.  Well…unfortunately success at almost anything in life involves pushing through the pain and learning to live with being a bit uncomfortable.

Look…we would be insane if we didn’t think about it…how can I win and be successful without having to go through the pain necessary to accomplish it?  It’s human instinct.  No one enjoys doing everything that is necessary to be successful.  Who wants to work 10+ hours a day?  Who doesn’t want to lose weight and keep it off without avoiding all of the “good stuff” and eating Kale and Brussel Sprouts insteadJ?  Who enjoys making cold calls?  Who wants to get out of bed before the sun comes up? The list goes on and on.  No one is really all fired up to do this stuff but the successful people it anyway…that’s typically the only difference.  

Success at most things in life is not all that complicated…it just requires hard work, discipline and learning to push through the pain of those things which are uncomfortable. Don’t be one of those people bouncing from one thing to another trying to find a way to get what you want in life without having to go through the pain of doing what is necessary to accomplish it.  The key to being successful and winning at anything in life is learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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