Monday Morning Mojo – Contagious

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By Tom Tognoli

mojo glass-half-fullNapoleon Hill said “If you don’t want your life to be ‘messed up,’ don’t fool around with those who have messed up theirs.” 

Have you ever noticed that people who are negative, down and have low energy tend see the negative in everything no matter what…they see the glass half empty?   While those who are positive, upbeat and fired up about life see the positive in almost everything…they see the glass half full?  If you had to take a guess, which group do you think is right…the positive ones or the negative ones?  The answer is both.

They are both right, because you get what you focus on and you attract people into your life who are like you.  So the good news is, if you are positive, upbeat and fired up…you attract positive, upbeat and fired up people into your life….and the more people you attract into your life like that the better your life gets…it gets better exponentially.  The downside is, if you are negative, down and have low energy, you tend to attract negative, down and low energy people into your life…and the more people like that you attract into your life, the worse your life gets… it gets worse exponentially.  

For a minute, just think about some of the people you know.  What are the common characteristics of the positive ones and what are the common characteristics of the negative ones?  What energy do they give off…do they smile or frown…do they laugh or do they yell…do they fire you up when you see them or suck the energy from you…do they complement or do they criticize…?  You ever notice that we don’t see the positive ones and the negative ones spending much time together, except when absolutely necessary?  Why is that?  Because the positive ones naturally spend time with optimistic people and find ways to improve in all the areas of their life, while the negative ones seem to always spend time with the basket cases and seem to always be looking for ways to sabotage all the areas of their life…not intentionally, but subconsciously.  The positive ones tend to do things which are good for their physical, mental and spiritual body, while the negative tend to do negative things which are bad for their physical, mental, and spiritual body.

So, how do we get out of the funk and into the fired up?  One of the most important things we need to do is stop spending time with other people in a funk and start spending time with people who are fired up…or if you are fired up, find other fired up people to spend time with…or better yet, find people more fired up than you to spend time with. Both groups are like magnets and either we are going to get sucked down into a hole with the “my life sucks” group, or we are going get pulled up into the clouds with the “my life is on fire and awesome” group.  You can’t beat it, because it is like any fight.  No matter how tough you are, if you are outnumbered you are going to lose.  If you are trying to be positive but hang out with negative people, you are going to get your emotional butt kicked.  The good news is if your negative, but hang out with positive people, you are also going to get your butt kicked.


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