Monday Morning Mojo – Thank, Ask, and you can Receive

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by Tom Tognoli

mojo listSome people call them affirmations, some call them goals, some call them a wish list…I PRAY, GIVE THANKS FOR MY BLESSING, and ASK him for help.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of sharing my life story at the Silicon Valley Breakfast at Stanford University in front of about 100 people…CLICK HERE if you are interested in checking it out.  At the end of my talk I shared how I start each day…Thanking God for all the Blessings in my life and asking him to help me accomplish my/his life’s mission.  As I shared with everyone there, I am broken and certainly don’t have it all figured out…I am definitely a work in progress.  But of all the things I covered in my 30 minute talk the one thing so many people asked me about was “my list” of Thanks, Blessings, and Mission. 

I don’t know if you have a ritual like this, but it does work.  You may not realize it in a day, a week, a month or even a year, but if you keep it up consistently it can change your life…it can change your F5.   Here is a few of the things on my list that might help to inspire you to create your own.  Once you create it you don’t need to do anything fancy…just read it out loud to yourself first thing every day…let it drip on you a little bit every day.

Thank you for my health
Thank you for the health of my family and those I love
Thank you for Lynn, Tommy and Nick
Thank you for my ability to positively impact the lives of others
Thank you for my friends
Thank you for Intero and all the people who believe in us
Thank you for great times and great experiences

In you…
I will give back and have a positive impact on others
I will change the world for the better
I will be a good example to others on how to live, love, work, and make a difference.
I will guide Tommy and Nick to be loving, strong, happy, healthy, successful men and leaders, and to be followers of your son Jesus Christ
I will continue to be healthy and fit
I will be patient and loving
I will be appreciative and always remain humble
I will be calm and at peace
I will be sympathetic
I will be compassionate
I will not be attached to the outcome
I will be present in every moment
I will minister to save and change lives everyday
God please be with Amie Persijn, Deb Moline, Steve Messer, Ciaran Dougherty, Karlene DiNapoli, Glen Blackburn and all those suffering/fighting physical and metal ailments… please help them to heal fully…help them and their families to be strong and comfort them through this difficult time.

My list is long but it didn’t start out that way. Start with 3 things you are thankful for and 3 three things you want to accomplish/change and go from there.  Like a business plan or life plan it is a living, changing, and ever evolving document/list.

Do it and this could change your life…it does mine every day.


One thought on “Monday Morning Mojo – Thank, Ask, and you can Receive

  1. Micah Riley, Broker/Manager Cutler Real Estate

    I love this. I am a real estate broker of a company in Ohio (Cutler Real Estate) and agree with your idea of life and business. I also strive to live a humble life that represents Christ’s love for us. I am sure God is using you in a big way in the lives of your agents and I pray God does the same through me! Micah Riley


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