Monday Morning Mojo – Don’t be an OLD FART!

Monday Morning Mojo logoby Tom Tognoli

Mojo flexibleWhen I was a kid and played sports I could bend over at the waist, touch my toes, and touch my nose to my knee’s…yes and I could keep my legs completely straight…and I could stay in that position effortlessly forever.  Today, it takes me 10 minutes of stretching and sweating just to loosen up and get flexible enough to touch my toes while keeping my legs straight…and my nose is no were near my knees.  Then, once I finally get in that position, if I can stay there for 10 to 15 seconds without passing out I am lucky.  I am sure most of you can relate with the exception of you yogi’s out there who do yoga on a daily basis…but even for some of you the room needs to be 120 degrees to compensate and help you be more flexible 🙂

Well, life is much the same way.  When we are kids we are super flexible.  Change and being flexible are a part of life…it is how we grow and get better.  Could you imagine telling your kids “don’t be flexible…stay the same…don’t embrace change”?  NO WAY!!!  Heck, when we are kids we change classes every quarter or semester with all new teachers and subjects.  We are constantly learning and implementing new things into our lives.  Change and being flexible is a way of life…it is the way we grow and get better.  Then it starts…it happens gradually and we don’t even notice it, but we start to become rigid, brittle and stuck in our ways.  We become the exact opposite of flexible and we will do almost anything to keep the status quo…anything to avoid change.

Now, the most successful people know that change is critical to their success…they have figured out a way to embrace being flexible and embrace change.  They realize that if you are not constantly changing and improving in life you are sliding backward.  Look, our world does not stay the same.  Heck, it does not seem that long ago, but when I got into real estate back in 1987 we did not even have a fax machine until about 6 months after I got started.  And then most people did not have confidence it really worked.  They would still drive across town to drop off the originals or put them in the mail, just to make sure they got it.  Come on…you remember that.  Now…today, the fax machine is pretty much a thing of the past.  Life evolves…like it or not.

So, what are we to do?  Like anything the first and most important step is to acknowledge it and do an honest assessment of yourself. Are you flexible and do you embrace change or are your rigid, brittle and allergic to it?  If you have slipped into the trap of being an old fart, inflexible and not willing to change it starts with acknowledging it.  Then start with making small changes and being flexible a part of your daily life.  Maybe even start with things as simple as driving a different way to work or to the grocery store.  It will be painful in the beginning and really takes a deliberate and focused effort to break the routine, but if you are flexible and stick with it, it will get easier and easier over time.  Then once you start to experience the gifts that comes from being flexible and open to change you will no longer avoid it, you will embrace it.

Flexibility and change are the keys to massive success in all areas of our life…embrace it, don’t fight it.

Being an old fart is not an age it is a state of mind.

No old farts allowed!!!


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