Weekend Wellness – 17 Hours A Day

Week-End Wellness

 By Tammy Parkinson

clockWe all have dreams, goals, wishes, hopes.  We set intentions and we work daily to see them come true.  Or do we?  Think about this… let’s say you have a goal to get stronger.  You hire a trainer to work with you 2 hours a week.  You are awake for 17 hours a day, 119 hours a week.  You train 2 hours.  Those 2 hours are phenomenal!  You get sore and you DO get stronger.  However if you want to attain true fitness, you’ll want to add in some walking/hiking, maybe some stretching and of course healthy eating.

The same dynamics go for any goal.  If you are learning something new to enhance your career…2 hours a week is fabulous, 4 might be better!

Of course, balancing out business, home, friends/fun, fitness, nutrition is just that, it’s a balance; rest needs to be incorporated in the 17 hours a day as well.

The concept here is you have 17 (more or less) waking hours a day…are you utilizing your conscious state optimally so you CAN achieve your health, wellness, financial and lifestyle goals?  It’s up to you, we all have the same gift of time; let’s choose to maximize it to live fully.


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