Weekend Wellness – Tea Favorites

Week-End Wellness

by Tammy Parkinson

Lately I have fallen in love with herbal teas.  It wasn’t too terribly long ago that I thought my only options of tea were English Tea, Green Tea and good ol’ Lipton’s.  I now know that herbal teas are enriched with abundant nutrients.  Some have cleansing effects, some calming effects, some cancer fighting properties and some help to stimulate our energy.  Of course, with any herb, food, drink, or supplement, it’s wise to talk with your doctor if your health is compromised and/or you are on any medications as some teas don’t interact well with some medications or conditions.

I now drink tea daily…in fact several times throughout the day.

Some of my favorite teas are below and there is an outline as to what I have been taught to the benefits.  Teas have been around for centuries and honored as a great healer in the herbal kingdom.

(Team Patereau Comments)

wellness tulsi 11Dandelion Root Tea
Improves digestion and aids weight loss
Eases congestion of the liver
Helps to purify the bladder and kidneys
Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections
Contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamins B and C
Helps to purify the blood, regulate blood sugar and improves blood circulation
Helps to ease bloating and aching joints
Helps to cure skin conditions

wellness maha 11Matcha Green Tea
It is detoxifying as it is rich in chlorophyll
Abundant in L-Theanine
Relaxing by calming the mind
Helps lower blood pressure

(Looks more like desert here!)


wellness tulsi 11Tulsi Tea / Holy Basil Tea
It is known as an adaptogen, which helps regulate our stress levels
Anti-inflammatory agents due to Omega 3 properties
Used as a respiratory aid for colds and a fever
Has been used to aid in kidney stones (the leaves)
Rich in anti-oxidants

(Isn’t that a mint leaf?)

wellness ginger 11Ginger Tea
Aids in Stomach aches
Has anti-oxidants which have been known to relieve sore muscles
Helps with nausea and motion sickness
Helps with digestion

(This is the one Team Patereau has actually tasted.)


wellness rooibos 11Rooibos Tea
Contains polyphenols which are linked to aid in cancer fighting
Studies show it will lower cholesterol (LDL)
Some studies have shown it’s linked to reducing the risk of Alzheimer disease
Soothes inflammation inside the body

(How much would we have to drink to get all those benefits?)
Some other favorites to check into, are:
Lemon Tea
Kava Tea
Burdock Root Tea
Black Tea
White Tea
Green Tea
Chocolate Puh-reh Tea (love this one)

Don’t stop at my list…go explore, do your own research and discover the love and powers of herbal teas.  Drink responsibly 🙂

To yours in Health and Wellness~

Tammy Parkinson, CPT CNC CLC
Body Firm Personal Training and Nutritional consulting


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