Inrero Cool Apps – Wickr: Top-Secret Messaging

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by Susan Murphey Patereau
Intero Real Estate

cool apps wickrWith electronic breaches in the news on a regular basis, privacy and security should be top-of-mind when it comes to communicating online.

While many of us have learned to be more careful with what we share online, it’s hard to be sure what we’ve said won’t come back to haunt us or get taken out of context. You don’t even have to be up to anything shady… discussing confidential information with your clients should be protected, shouldn’t it?

This is a major reason why private, anonymous, and “secret” messaging platforms have been one of the fasting growing app categories over the past two years. But how can you be sure what’s private stays that way? (See the article in this week’s Great Reads Round-up about the recent Instagram security bug.)

If your primary concern is privacy and security in messaging, explore Wickr, the first private messaging app which puts a premium on “top secret” messaging.

Wickr’s features:

  • Send and receive top-secret messages, pictures, videos, audios filesand documents.
  • No personal information required or collected.
  • Find others without uploading your contacts.
  • Select a time for your messages and media to expire.
  • Delete geolocation and identifying information from media on the fly.
  • Anonymity. No conversations can be tracked or monitored.
  • Retain ownership of the messages and media you share.
  • Chat with groups of up to 10.
  • Clean your device completely of deleted files.

RT’s Ameera David learns more about the app by speaking with Wickr CEO Nico Snell.


If you’re looking for all the convenience of mobile sharing and require true discretion, consider Wickr:


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