Intero Cool Apps – Home Automation at CES

Intero Cool Apps logo
By John Thompson
Chief Operating Officer
Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

cool apps ces logoThis past week, thousands of the world’s gadget manufactures gathered to show off their ware for the coming year at the largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, International CES.  It has served as the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. This year, the buzz word across the conference was “the internet-of-things.” From wearables, light fixtures, to car tablets, this phrase found its way into every product and concept presented.

We’re super excited to see where this goes with regards to advancing home products and CES was a great peek into what we can expect in the near future. Here are some of what was introduced at this year’s show:

cool apps albaAlba, by Stack – The world’s first responsive light bulb will automatically turn on when you come in the room, wake you up in the morning, adjust as the room gets brighter, and saves you energy.  Read More



cool apps edynEdyn – A smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions. The garden sensor monitors your soil and environment and gives you tips on what to plant when and what fertilizer to use. The water valve connects to your hose to track your soil moisture helping you water your garden more efficiently.  Read More



cool apps archosKitchen Screen – Keeps track of what groceries you need and then shop for more items. When you’re running out of something, just wave the near-empty packet or carton in front of the screen and it will read the barcode and add the item to your grocery basket. Read More



cool apps lilypadLilyPad, by Vigilant – The first smart Wi-Fi pool thermometer and UV sensor connected to your phone or tablet. Worried the water’s too cold at the pool? Or that the kids are getting to much sun exposure?  LilyPad will keep track of both of these for you while you’re having fun in the sun this summer.  Read More



cool apps nestWorks with Nest – Nest, you know that great little device that brought us the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect, announced their integration with a variety of other devices including Whirlpool, Dropcam, and Philips hue.  This integration, which we’re really excited about, helps your home be more thoughtful and conscious.  Read More

See even more cool smart home products from CES here,


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