Weekend Wellness – What’s Your Recipe

Week-End Wellness
By Tammy Parkinson
CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist
Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition

recipe 2Do you have a favorite recipe?  I personally love this carrot ginger soup one of my girlfriends made for me a few years back.  She bought all the ingredients (from a local organic market), cooked it for half her day and created the most amazing soup I’ve ever tasted…and I’m not particularly a “soup person”!

My point?  She knew what she wanted to create.  She knew how it was supposed to taste. She knew, for the outcome to turn out like she was hoping it would, she needed the right ingredients, she needed the necessary kitchen items and she needed the hours to invest in the recipe.  With focus, skill, following directions, adding in a little of her own flair and taking the time needed, she introduced me to perfection!

Our goals are like a recipe.  To achieve what we want in life, we must take the time to write out the ingredients, shop for them, have the right tools to manifest them and take the time and patience to finish the project. 

We might have recipes (or goals) that we add a little dash of cinnamon to when it calls for nutmeg (so to speak), or we might turn the oven on higher to cook something faster (knowing it might not turn out exactly right…yet we need to get it finished), but we have to follow some assembly of a recipe to get the meal (goal) that we want to enjoy.

Think about that!  Do you have an intention without ingredients?  If so, take a step back, consider what spices and elixirs would benefit your end result’s desire so you can develop and enjoy the most amazing “soup” you’ve ever had!


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