Monday Morning Mojo – Black Mountain Friday

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By Tom Tognoli
CEO and Founder
Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

mojo mountain 2We all know about Black Friday… the day after Thanksgiving where everyone wakes up from their food coma and hits the malls with millions of other people to start their holiday shopping and find all of those sweet Black Friday deals.  Well the last two years I have done something a little different on Black Friday…we now call it Black Mountain Friday and it is now our new annual tradition.  The day after Thanksgiving my wife, Kelli Dixon, JT, a few other people and I met at 7am, not to go shopping, but to hike 13 ½  miles and climb 2,575 feet to the top of Black Mountain in Los Altos.  From the top you can see the Pacific Ocean on one side and the San Francisco Bay on the other.  It is spectacular…well worth the two and a half hours up and the hour and a half back down.   Not only did we burn off all of those Thanksgiving calories, but we cranked up our endorphins, talked about our families, our goals, our accomplishments, our dreams and had a great time bonding.  And after it was all done it was all good…it didn’t matter what we ate on Thanksgiving…we had zero guilt.  We all worked out all of our F5’s in that 4 hour hike – Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance.

 As the holiday season picks up momentum and the parties get started, my challenge to everyone is this:  Work out your F5!  Don’t wait until the New Year to start your New Year’s resolutions…start them today.  Instead of hitting the malls, drinking too much, and eating too much, get out and go for a hike with friends and family.  I promise you will feel sooooooo much better if you do it.   You won’t be walking around in a daze over the holidays…you will stay productive instead of being in a constant fog of food and booze …you will have some great conversations with friends and family…you will get fired up about the future…you will burn off those holiday calories…you will get those endorphins cranking, you won’t have that holiday guilt. Extra bonus…you will start out your New Year on fire.

So now… go take a hike!


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