Weekend Wellness – Thankful We Have Choices

Week-End Wellness

By Tammy Parkinson
CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist
Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition

wellness choices 2There are many traditions around Thanksgiving and Christmas; however the common thread is giving thanks and sharing. In our various lives and holiday rituals, no matter where you are, most of us can be grateful for the power of choice.

We have the choice to eat healthy, or not so healthy. In many areas of the world, some don’t have that option; some are simply grateful to have something to eat when they are hungry; but most of us have the option to choose what we eat, how much and when.

We have the choice to step out into a public park or play area and enjoy nature after a sedentary day. We have the choice to sit and watch games on TV, games at a stadium, movies on TV, and movies at the theater. Many of us even have the choice to even get in a game and play or just throw a ball!

We have the freedom of education. Whether it be at a school, a library or a free downloadable course off the internet.

We have the choice to express love to our family and friends. We have the choice to stay at home or visit family and friends. I know many of you might feel you don’t have a choice during the holidays…but you really do!

We have the choice to think positively when times might be tough. We have the choice to give canned food when we have a little extra.

There are countless ways to open our hearts and minds to gratitude…it all comes down to choice.

During the holidays, consider you have the ability to choose what makes you fulfilled, happy, gracious and authentic. Then be grateful for the freedom that comes with it! That’s BIG!

Happy, Healthy Holidays~


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