Weekend Wellness – Gratitude

Week-End Wellness
By Tammy Parkinson
CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist
Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition

wellness gratitudeNovember is thought of as the beginning of the Holiday Seasons. It’s thought of as the marker for the changing of the weather and it’s recognized for bringing gratitude to the table, so to speak.

Whether you use November as your month of gratitude, or you profess your gratitude daily all year long, it’s wonderful to recognize who and what in your life there is to be thankful for.

Think about all the circumstances and people in your life that are easy to love.  They just float in and out with a lightness which helps make your day and your life easier.  These people and situations are what makes it all worth it.  There’s no real work involved in having them in your life.  It feels good.

Now think about the people and circumstances which are a bit distant, a bit unfamiliar but still  there isn’t any real “work” involved one way or the other to create a happier life.  Like the person you see at the gym who gives you a smile, or the neighbor who has an immaculate lawn you can enjoy or the fact that you are just one of those lucky people who has a great smile…it’s easy, but not earth shattering.

Then there are those people and situations which just pull the rug out from under you.  They can aggravate, irritate, provoke and instigate.  These moments, these people can take that wonderful feeling of appreciation and turn your life into a chaotic tornado of frustration.

What if when you were provoked you were able to take a step back and consider if there’s something in that lesson which can help you appreciate something else…something bigger something which can help you be a better “you”?

Looking at these dark emotions takes a lot of patience and sometimes takes days even months to embrace.  But occasionally if we are able to take just an itty bitty part of the pain, the anger, the emotion which causes negativity and find the hidden pearl inside, we can find a way to be grateful for the new perspective.  That is gratitude.

Thank you November for helping us remember what we are grateful for.


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