Intero Cool Apps – Tis’ the Season for Red Stamp

Intero Cool Apps logoBy John Thompson
Chief Operating Officer
Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

cool apps red stampThis is a friendly reminder that Christmas is only 34 days away.  Scary isn’t it?

I’m here to help you knock at least one task off of your Holiday To-Do list. Even do it before Thanksgiving!

Red Stamp, a great little app we’ve previously written about here, will help you quickly and effortlessly design and distribute holiday cards. Once your card is designed, a few clicks allows you to email, tweet, Facebook, Instagram. Even better, Red Stamp will print eco-friendly postcard and deliver them, with postage, to a list of recipients you can upload.

Here’s how to do it:

cool apps red stamp 1

cool apps red stamp 2

cool apps red stamp 3

cool apps red stamp 4

Take a look at our review for some more information here or visit to create this year’s holiday cards in just a few minutes.


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