Monday Morning Mojo – Just a few minutes earlier…

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By Tom Tognoli
CEO and Founder
Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

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I had to get my car serviced last week and I always make sure I get it dropped off first thing in the morning…typically by 7am or 7:30am because I want to beat the rush…beat the masses.  However, it was one of those crazy mornings and I could not get there until close to 8am and it was like I was dropping my car off at the latest blue light special.  When I drop my car off between 7 and 7:30, there is no one there…I zip in and out in a few minutes, but when I was there at 8am there was a line 15 cars deep.  As I sat in my car for 30 anxious minutes waiting for the next service representative to show up I chuckled at my self thinking this is a great MOJO.

It is a lot more crowded when you do what everyone else is doing…lines are longer…it takes longer…more people going for the same amount of stuff so you get less…it’s more stressful…you are in less control, etc.  Isn’t that how everything in life is?  If we are always going with the pack (being normal) there is a lot less to go around because there are so many more people.  But when you push it a bit to be slightly ahead of the pack, there is typically the same amount or more of the stuff we want and there are just a lot less people going for it.  So it is easier to get what you want and it is a lot less stressful.

The interesting thing is the difference between going with the pack versus being someone who gets more than the rest in life is the differences in habits are not that radically different.  So often we think in order to get what we want in my life we have to make this radical transformation, but the reality of it is it is usually just being slightly more disciplined and pushing it slightly more.  If I had dropped my car off at 7:30, I would have been out of there an on my way by 7:35, but just that 30 minutes of showing up at 8am didn’t cost me just 30 minutes, it cost me more like an hour and fifteen minutes.  Because by the time I finally got out of there it was 8:50.  Here is the other thing, I was late and scrambling the rest of the day because I had planned on it only taking me 15 minutes, not 45+ minutes.  So I was late for my next appointment and the entire day I felt like I was behind the 8 ball.

Now here is the scary part…if you are one of those who are chronically late for everything, you are just getting the leftovers in life that no one else wanted.  So, for starters, be on time…then focus on being a little early…being a little more discipline.  Being a little bit ahead of the crowd will get you way ahead in the end.

Think about the people who may have what you want in your life…they may have a lot more but do they really do that much more than you?  Usually not…usually they simply know how to stay slightly ahead of the masses.   Life is crowded and tough in the middle, sucks in the bottom 25% and is magical in the top 25%.  Commit to being in the top 25%!

Make it a powerful and successful week!


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