Monday Morning Mojo – Loyal Like a Dog

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By Tom Tognoli
CEO and Founder
Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

mojo loyaltyIn this day and age so many people are looking to make the quick buck…quick fix…the quick/biggest return…especially in the Silicon Valley. They will bounce around from one company/job/thing to another trying to make it happen…there is no loyalty.  If someone is willing to pay them a bit more they jump ship…then they do it again and again and again.  They are always chasing the next “sweet deal”.  It’s not just real estate but really every industry…really everything in life.

In the end it has been my observation that most of those who do that end up missing out on the real big opportunities in business and life…they end up losing in the end because they never create that bond and those longer term relationships that open doors and opportunities in the future that only loyalty can provide.  They are so obsessed with the here and now and what’s in it for me today that they lose focus on the long term.  Kind of like the difference between a short term investor and a long term investor.  19 out of 20 times the long term investor may not make the most today, but long term, they end up being the winner ten times over.

I often tell people that the reason I have been blessed with the opportunities I have had in my life and business is because I am loyal…loyal like a dog.  I owe it to my parents because it was the way I was raised.  I am loyal to my Faith, to my Wife and Family, to my Friends, to my Fitness and to my Finances…my F5. When I am committed to something or someone, nothing is going to break that bond. I know, for a fact, it is why I sit in the seat I sit in today professionally and the life I have personally.  Yes I worked my butt off, but it was that combined with loyalty that got me here.

Look…I don’t have it all figured out but I am that guy that if you are “one of mine”, you never need to look over your shoulder and wonder if I’ve got your back.  You can ask anyone who knows me. I have worked with the same group of people through thick and thin for over a quarter of a decade.  Along the way there have been trials and tribulations…fights and disagreements.  There were also many opportunities presented to me that on the surface looked sweet…a promotion… more money…more perks…blah blah blah.  You know what I am talking about.  I have to admit there are times that it was pretty tempting, but you know what…I always turned it down because I was loyal to my company, my friends and my relationships.  So, here I sit today as President and CEO of Intero and in many ways I think that is why.

So, here is my recommendation.  Don’t make decisions based on what is best for today but make decisions on what is best for a life time or a career…don’t be a short term thinker.  When you figure out what it is you want to do and where it is you want to work and who it is you want to work with, be loyal like a dog.  Don’t get enticed by all those short term perks because in the end, they will never measure up to the opportunities that only come with being loyal like a dog.

Loyal like a dog


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