Let’s Get Organized – De-Clutter Coach

This is a new feature we’ll be featuring regularly. Let us know if these de-cluttering tips are helpful. And, thanks to Moreen Torpy for giving us these clues to getting and being organized.

declutter coach

Timesaving Laundry Tip

When you take a shirt or pants from the closet, move the hanger close to the closet door or to the end of the hanging bar. At laundry time, all the empty hangers are in one place, easily accessible.

Then when you put a load of laundry into the washer, take these empty hangers with you and place them on an over-the-door rod or hook. It’s easy to take an item out of the dryer, hang it up, and return to the closet to begin the cycle again.

By doing this, you might eliminate some ironing time!

Let’s get organized!

Moreen Torpy

De-Clutter Coach





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