Weekend Wellness – Wind

Week-End Wellness
By Tammy Parkinson,CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist, Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition

wellness wind 2As I was driving into work the other day, the wind had the flags flying at full extension.  The trees were leaning a few degrees and there were leaves scattered everywhere.

As an outdoor enthusiast, wind is one element I have a hard time with.  I’d rather hike, run, cycle, even water ski in the rain vs. the wind.

As I was noticing the wind, I recalled how many times I’ve been on my bike in some pretty serious weather finding these to be my most challenging rides.  However, when you are on a bike, or out for a run and the wind kicks up, you have no choice other than persevering and finishing.  You won’t change the wind, you can’t change that you are out in the elements and you certainly can’t quit (especially if you have no one to pick you up!)  Part of the mistake is not looking at the weather report earlier and seeing what the wind conditions are…this could have avoided a lot of issues!

So in the moment…you accept it.  That’s what you do, you recognize that you are in a tough moment, accept it safely and prevail.  You put one leg in front of the other and eventually you get to your destination.  One can also get strategic and head towards the hills to get out of the head wind.  The key is “what can I do to reduce the pain as much as possible and make the event more enjoyable”?

I then thought about some of my clients who step on the scale or try on a pair of pants in the morning and they’ve gained a pound or their pants are tight.  They let it ruin their whole day.  They probably made some questionable choices the day or two before and are now feeling the results.

I have been there, I understand this thought process…but does it change the reality?  No! They failed to look at the wind report, so to speak.  Accept the reality and decide what can be done moving forward in a safe and healthy way so that the day is more enjoyable!

We fight things (I do too) that we can’t change.  We resist the force of nature instead of seeing the realness of what we are in (or might have avoided).  And you know what…all this does is cause us pain.

Next time you are going out in your “wind”, find a way to accept it, pedal on and find a way to detour a little so it don’t ruin your day; instead learn from it and look towards your destination.


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