Weekend Wellness – Take Control of Your Life

Week-End Wellness By Tammy Parkinson, CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist, Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition welless control 3So much of what happens in our lives are out of our control, however much we try to change that.  We angst about the weather, the mood of someone in our life, the health of someone we love, the way a friend reacts to news we need to deliver and even accidents on and off the road.  There simply are situations which are not in our control. Now (and you knew this was coming)…we are 100% in control of our own thoughts, reactions, the choices we make, the food we put in to our mouths, the movement we do or do not put our bodies through and the words we say to others.   Every situation in our life that we are involved with (which is everything) we have control over our own selves.  That’s powerful! I’ve been listening to a book on tape about “owning” our life.  Every person, circumstance, relationship, and frustration we are involved with we need to take ownership of because we are “there”!  We need to “own” that we are in it.  Again…this is a place of power and can calm us down once we look at the situation with our own responsibility to it. For example, let’s say you step on the scale after a few months of ignoring it and see that you are 20 pounds heavier than you thought.  OUCH.  You can blame it on a hectic schedule, having to work many hours, travel, going to your kid’s soccer games, work entertainment, day long meetings with only pizza as an option to feed you…the excuses are endless.  But, that’s what they are…excuses. Now, I didn’t say these situations didn’t make it HARD…but the land mines aren’t what is causing the extra 20 pounds, it’s the choices you make about going in to the land mines.  That, you are in control of. Let’s say you get in an accident and are injured.  Could you have avoided the accident?  Maybe, maybe not, however your attitude about how to handle the trauma, your recovery, your mind set, your rehabilitation and your life as you now know it, is all within what you set your mind to.  You can either embrace the reality of what’s happened and find the best way to heal, or you can choose to let someone or something take that power away from you. I recognize that not all examples of life and its frustrations are as black and white as the above…or are they? You have a debilitating financial situation…can you move through the after math with an attitude of strength?  Not easy, but can you?  Can you do this and actually mold a new way of thinking?  Can you heal yourself by making the choice to be in control of how you think? There are endless examples of what can knock us to our knees and stunt our lives for days, weeks, even years. There are also endless examples of seeing people with the rug pulled out who get up, brush themselves off and immediately inspire beyond comprehension. It’s always a work in progress for me, but I am learning more and more the power of what I AM truly in control of.


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