Intero Cool Apps – The World Cup In The Palm Of Your Hand


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By John Thompson, Executive Vice President, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

cool apps 11 soccerFeeling a little down because you couldn’t get to Brazil for the World Cup this year? I understand. We’re big sports fans in my family, too which is why I was so excited when I found today’s very cool app.

FIFA went ahead and created an app just so all of us back at home could keep up with the action happening at the World Cup. That means in between meetings, open houses, and family engagements you can stay up to date with your favorite soccer teams. No need to schedule time to sit down and watch the big games. Who has time for that anyway? Instead, they’ll come to you.

The official 2014 FIFA World Cup app gives you a virtual ticket to the global stadium. I’m talking live coverage to all 64 games, access to news, photos, videos, and real-time voting on the official Man of the Match. Keep track of all the tournament stats and FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking too. Interact with fans all over the globe or even the players and coaches of your favorite team.

The official 2014 FIFA World Cup app really is the social, online and mobile hub for the World Cup. Add it to your mobile device and you’ll be right in the middle of the game whenever you want to be.


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