Intero Cool Apps – Stop Talking About the Weather With Refresh

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By John Thompson, Executive Vice President, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

cool apps 9 refreshAs realtors, we’re constantly meeting new people and we always want to make the best first impression possible. Sometimes it can be hard to start a conversation with someone you barely know.  You can really only ask about the weather so many times before it starts to get old, not to mention awkward. That awkward pause could become the sound of a failed first impression and we don’t want that to happen to you.  That’s why, today, we’re sharing with you Refresh, the app that prepares you for every conversation and future meeting you’ll ever have.

Combining multiple social streams, such as google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, Refresh gives you insight on basically anyone you want.  It comes in handy most when preparing for upcoming client meetings, conferences or seminars.  Using Refresh, you can find out a little more about the people your meeting giving you the edge you need to close the deal, be remembered and maybe even make a new acquaintance.

Refresh will synch with your calendar and send you alerts about the people you’re getting ready to meet with.  It will even go a step further giving you insight into the person’s interest.  For instance, if your next client is a huge Giants fan, Refresh may tell you that plus their current standings, or big news from the last game.  Just enough information to get the conversation going.  If you find out something new about the person, you can add a note in the app so you remember it for the next time you meet.

The app also allows you to make introductions connecting your network even deeper.  It really is a great tool for any business professional.

See the app in action in the below video, I’m sure it will spark your own uses for Refresh.


With Refresh, you never have to talk about the weather again! from Bhavin Shah on Vimeo.



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