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By John Thompson, Executive Vice President, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.
wemo logoAhhh, you forgot to turn on the porch light before you left for the evening.  Now it’s getting later and later and you’re not sure what time you’ll actually be home.  With your house looking empty, your mind starts to wander with scenarios of mysterious men in all black approaching your house, checking out the perimeter and maybe trying a few doorknobs to break in.  Then you remember, “Didn’t I set up a WeMo switch for that porch light?”  You pull out your phone and with the click of a button, your porch light goes on and the mysterious men in your mind scatter.  Your home is a little safer and your mind is put to rest.

That’s the power of WeMo, a product that allows you to control your home electronics from anywhere with your mobile device. If you can plug it in, you can control it with WeMo.  That means, lamps, TVs, small appliances, pretty much anything.

The device operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet so you’re sure to always have access to your electronics.  To use WeMo, all you have to do is plug the WeMo Switch ($49.99) into any regular 120v wall outlet and the item you would like to control into the WeMo Switch.  Download the free WeMo app and tada! You have control of that item anywhere your phone is.

The best part is this little device does so much more than just turn on and off electronics.  You can also trigger items with motion or put them on a schedule.  Set up multiple switches prior to leaving for vacation and stop worry about your house the whole time you’re gone.  If you’re concerned about the status of your electronics, just check the app on your phone.  WeMo is a piece of cake that gives you peace of mind. Definitely a must have for any new home owner.

Check out the below video to see exactly how this great little piece of technology works:

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