Weekend Wellness – Looking At the Good vs. the Bad

Week-End Wellness
By Tammy Parkinson, CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist, Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition

good vs badWe live in a world of noting what we didn’t get or what didn’t go the way we expected vs. automatically noting what did go right.  We expect what goes right, yet often many of us get hyper focused on the challenged, frustrating side of life and keep our mind set there.

Maybe you anticipated more rain this year (if you live in CA) and worry now about water shortages.

Maybe you got into an accident and rear ended a car, scraping your bumper.

Or perhaps you just found out you are pre-diabetic.

These are real scenarios and ones which could easily and rightly so cause distress.

A flip side, might be:

With the water shortage, it’s time to consider drought resistant plants and an opportunity to learn how to conserve water in drought years as well as heavy rainfall years.  The sunny weather also gives us an opportunity to be active more days in the winter and spring than other years, keeping us fit all year round.

Although an accident is never a good thing; it can often remind us of the fragility of life and appreciation of being in good health and accidents which ARE minor; helping us live each day a bit more “alive”!

If you are pre diabetic this is certainly an opportune time to flip around your health.  This is a huge wake up call, one to answer and do something about.  The beauty of “pre” is we get the chance to alter the course of the road we are on.  As we turn to look at what can go right, we will then lean towards what we can do to improve ourselves.  Getting rid of the “pre” will most likely help us lose a few pounds, get rid of toxic food which could cause other diseases and in general, feel better.

There’s always going to be the darker side of life to look to…and conversely, there will always be the lighter side as well.  The sun to the moon as some might say.

In your week as you are drawn towards something going wrong, something you didn’t anticipate, is it possible, this gives you an opportunity to look at what did or will go right, simply by looking the other way and walking there?


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