Intero Cool Apps – Mileage Made Easy With MIleIQ

Intero Cool Apps logoBy John Thompson, Executive Vice President, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

mileiqHere we are, back in tax season again and we’re really trying to make it a little easier for you.  First, we introduced you to iDonatedIt to help organize all of the generous donations you make throughout the year and now we’re bringing you MileIQ, the app that will make tracking mileage a snap.

As realtors, we drive a lot for business. From an open house to the office, to the printers, back to the office, to a client’s home.  This is normal day in the life of a realtor.  Not to mention, the personal driving that happens in between those trips, picking up the kids, dropping off dry cleaning volunteering at the school. So many places so little time and with all of this happening back to back it can be hard to remember when you went where, how far it was and if that trip was strictly business or personal.  Much of the time, we don’t even think about it until April 1st comes around which makes it even harder to remember where we went on December 6th. Well MileIQ will make the whole process a lot easier.

To use MileIQ, just download the app and create a free account. When you drive somewhere, there’s no need to open the app, press a button or remember to start and stop.  The app will do all of that for you. Once a week or so, open the app and classify your drives with a simple swipe to indicate whether the purpose of the trip was for business or personal.  Include any additional charges you might have incurred (parking, tolls, etc) and you’re done! You only need 5 minutes.  Maybe even less!

When you’re ready to file your taxes, get reimbursed or respond to an audit, MileIQ can generate an expense report with the click of a button.  There it is; you’re mileage woes will be no more and you’ll be one step closer to completing your taxes.


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