Cool Apps: Don’t Lose Your New Year’s Motivation

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By John Thompson, Executive Vice President, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

fitbit iconWe’ve just concluded the first month of the year and I’m sure many of you have lost sight of your New Year’s Resolutions already. Coming into February, people tend to slack off, allowing themselves a little more lenience and by March, they’ve all together given up. Well, today I bring you an app that will, hopefully, keep you motivated through the whole year.

We all know that success in weight loss or a healthy lifestyle is more than just working out 5 days a week. It takes focus and energy to really adjust your whole way of thinking. Today’s app can help with just that. Fitbit will not only track your activity but will help you eat better, sleep better and keep you overall motivated to meet your goals!

The app, available for iphone and Android, allows YOU to set daily goals for the steps you’ve taken, your distance traveled, your calories burned and more. I really like this personalization of the app. It makes a big difference when you are setting the goals rather than them being set arbitrarily by some system. You can track your overall stats on the dashboard and review your historic progress. Seeing how far you’ve come in one place is super motivating. In addition to that, the app sends you push notifications when you’re close to your goals and when you’ve achieved them.

Monitor your calories with the food database to see how many calories you’re consuming each day. The app can also set up a calorie intake plan that is personalized to your profile and daily activities. This plan will adjust automatically based on your activity level throughout the day.

Add one of Fitbit’s exclusive sleep trackers (Flex or One) and you can even add in monitoring your sleep to the mix. You can record your sleep, set a silent alarm directly from the app and track your sleep trends.

The best part is the app does so much of it for you, you don’t even have to think about it. You can even bring your friends and family into the mix for some friendly motivation. Compare stats, share progress and cheer each other on as you hit your milestones.

With this app, you’re sure to see some major progress on those healthy living New Year’s Resolutions.

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