Be Kind To Yourself

Week-End Wellness

By Tammy Parkinson, CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist, Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition

be kindI think one of the most valued “acts” is kindness. I know when someone opens a door for me, or smiles, or offers to do something to help, if feels great. I also know when I am kind, it can feel equally as nice, if not better.

How often are we kind to our bodies? We easily can think of ways to be nice to others, however how often do we eat foods which do harm? How often do we consider what we feed ourselves as acts of kindness or acts of destruction? We have foods which can cause problems as simple as weight gain to acid reflux, all the way to diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. When we eat, do we want to be kind to our bodies? If not, why? Something to think about.

Then of course, there are the workouts. There are those who will ignore any sort of activity for a variety of reasons for weeks, then go out and destroy their bodies in a long torturous run let say, or a bike ride after weeks on the couch and office chair. They’ll feel sore, hurt and tired, and end up ignoring their bodies for another few weeks. Then there’s the person who lifts weights, sporadically and carelessly only to injure themselves because if improper preparation and mindfulness. Is this kind?

Do you train hard, but consciously? Do you take care of yourself by stretching after a hard workout to help the muscle repair? Do you go for a massage when you are tired and need a little care? Do you give your body the right nutrients and water to help your body be its best? Wouldn’t these be acts of kindness…to yourself?

Let’s not forget the words we tell ourselves. When we look in the mirror, or start a training program, do we think encouraging thoughts…or do we rip ourselves apart with negative talk?

I know we can all slip into the unkind acts I mentioned above, but how is that helpful? Why would we want to treat ourselves this way…we wouldn’t want to have others treat us that way? Yet, when we are kind, not only to others, but to ourselves…that is a true act which will not only create a healthier body, but possibly make the world a little nicer place to be!


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