Your New Donation Companion

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By John Thompson, Executive Vice President, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

idonateditWe all do it. Drop off a bag of clothes at the local Salvation Army and take the donation receipt with the intention of filling it out later and then loose it.  Now, with a drop off every few months, these dismissed and lost receipts can add up to a huge pile of missed tax credits. Your donations are something you already do so you might as well take advantage of them, right?

Well, iDonatedIt is an app that will help you organize and stay on top of your generous donations without needing that receipt. The app tracks the date your donations are made, the organization they went to, what you donated and the value of those items. Just think, one place to track all of the information for your donations; compliant and IRS ready. The app does cost $2.99 but the return on your investment is well worth it.

Setting up and using it is extremely simple too. When you go to make a donation, add a new donation event right from the home screen of the app. Enter the name and address of the charity, the date the donation was made and attach a photo of the donated items if you like. Add the items you donated and an estimated value will automatically be provided by the app. Once the donation event is complete, a report is created and sent to your email. It’s all so simple and done in about 5 minutes! No more loosing receipts, racking your brain about the donation you made last April, or dismissing great value in your generosity. You’ll be so ready for tax season you won’t know what to do with yourself.


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