Advice for Teenagers…and You

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By Tom Tognoli, COO & Founder, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc

success is mineMy sister, Leslie, works at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale and deals with teenagers all day, every day.  God Bless her…could you imagine?!?! We were talking about high school kids and raising teenagers over the holidays (yikes) and she had a great comment. I know she really didn’t think of it as a mojo or a big revelation, but when I heard it I knew that was a message we all needed to hear. Like the topics of almost every mojo I write, her comment/observation is pretty obvious, but is also something that not only teenagers, but all of us so often don’t want to hear or accept.

We were talking about helping teenagers succeed in high school, then college, and then in life. She said “kids need to understand that for every one thing you want to do, there are three things you have to do.”

I think one of the reasons so many people, teenagers and adults alike, struggle is we spend all of our time focused on doing what we want to do and not what we have to do. It does not matter what area of our F5 (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance) we want to be successful in, this applies. The interesting thing is the more time we spend doing the things we have to do the more time we can spend doing the things we want to do. That is a tough lesson for all of us to get and wrap our heads around…especially teenagers.

Here is the other interesting thing I have experienced first-hand. If we are consistent at spending the time doing the things we have to do they can actually end up being the things we want to do. A perfect example is working out consistently. If you are one who has made that a New Year’s resolution and have not been consistent with working out in the past, in the beginning it will feel like a grind and be incredibly difficult, but eventually, if you stick with it you will start to look forward to it. It will be the thing you look forward to most every day.

So…what do you need to do today, this week, this month and this year to win?



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