…And it is gone

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mojo 1By Tom Tognoli, COO & Founder, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc

On New Year’s Day one of my partners at Intero, John Thompson (JT), sent a great message to our company.  I know it’s already January 13th and some of you have already seen this message, but I thought it was a great message we all could benefit from checking out whether it is your first time seeing it or our second.  Thanks for the MOJO JT!!!!

No matter what category we fall in below… 2013 just got washed away in the tide…for everyone.

Was 2013 your BEST EVER?  Good for you!  Hats off to you!  Standing O!  That was yesterday.

Was 2013 about the same as always?  Good for you!  You didn’t fall back!  That was yesterday.

Was 2013 a struggle? Hurdles higher than you thought?  Good for you for the effort!  That was yesterday.

For all of us… the victories or defeats of 2013 no longer matter.  Buh BYE.

One thing I have come to realize, an important ingredient to staying happy, successful, and excited, is to be focused on making progress.  Keep the focus on continual progress no matter if you are ahead, behind, or were ahead and got pushed back (which happens to you, me…and everyone).

So today…be excited with me about working together in 2014 progressing our lives and businesses  FORWARD!  I am committed.

We will make it happen together.  We are ALL capable of personal Greatness.  Help each other realize we are stronger and more capable than we imagine.

Let’s not sell ourselves short.


2014…BRING IT.


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