Setting Goals

Week-End Wellness

By Tammy Parkinson, CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist, Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition

goals imageThis might seem cliché; but now is the time I start considering goals for 2014. When I say goals, this envelopes fitness and nutrition (but of course it does…) as well as spiritual, family, adventure, business, friendships and home.

There are studies which confirm when we write down our goals, we have a 95% higher success rate of achieving them. In fact, I found an interesting article I’d like to share:

In 1964, all members of the Harvard Business School graduating class stated that they have, at graduation, clear goals that they want to accomplish in life. Among them, 5% took the time to write it down on paper. In 1984, a follow up study was done and it was discovered that 95% of those who wrote down their goals were able to achieve them within 20 years. Among the “lazy” majority, only 5% of them were able to reach their expected goals.

An earlier study in Yale University also had similar results. This time, only 3% of the 1953 graduating class made written goals. Twenty years after, in 1973, it was found out that this 3% of Yale graduates were able to accomplish more goals than the rest of the other 97% combined.

I find like results in our fitness and wellness industry. Every day we have the opportunity to work with individuals who have goals; it’s why they come to Body Firm; and those who are focused, intent, share their goals and write them down, seem to have a much easier time obtaining them and maintaining them.

You’ve heard me talk about journaling in my past wellness tips. Each year, I write down what I’d like to accomplish and focus on for the upcoming year. I categorize these and “free flow” what I know is in my mind to work towards. I get my pretty pen out (remember the gratitude list from a while ago?) and bust out!

Now that I’ve written it out, it becomes more “real” and is a mirror of what is in my mind. It’s something I have committed to. Something to myself, something worthy. I find months might go by and I haven’t looked at my yearly goals; but they are in my thoughts and I know I am on track.

This past weekend, I went through them and was happy to know I’ve achieved about 75% of them (it’s a big list). The other 25% either aren’t as important to me, I’ve forgotten about (whoops) or I still need to work something. Interestingly what I’ve written out as my goals in certain categories actually manifested…but not in the way I thought they would. This is the way it happens sometimes and part of the practice is letting go and trusting the outcome, vs. how we perceive everything is supposed to happen. This for me, is a focus for 2014!

This week and next I am challenging all of my clients to get their pens and journals out and start considering how 2014 will look; what they want to create, then letting it happen.

It is a very creative way to end and start the year! Enjoy the process and trust you have the ability to create whatever you want; as long as there is a mindful intention.

Happy, healthy Holidays!


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