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Making It Through The Holiday’s With One Word

By Tammy Parkinson, CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist, Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition

Tammy Parkinson profile picThe Holiday Season is fully upon us; exciting isn’t it?  Are you feeling a wee bit overwhelmed?  I know I am!  I started to think about our travel schedule, parties and events, Christmas shopping, Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals, one day only deal of the century deals, putting up lights in the studio and home, sending cards, visiting friends I haven’t seen for a while, and then of course there’s the everyday stuff like workouts, business projects and oh yes, shopping for healthy holiday recipes; all of this spinning around in my head like a hamster wheel in my yoga practice.  Not very zen I must say!

My teacher in this particular yoga class challenged us to choose a mantra to keep us grounded during the season…one word to go to and repeat when we start feeling overwhelmed in early December, we are already late for every event up until New Year’s Day!  Naturally, I changed my “word” a dozen times.  I journal a word or feeling of the day each morning, but this is a little different.  This is one I will repeat each day, every day during this holiday season.  This word is what, in my life, is needed to anchor me when my mind gets a little out of control, a word when I feel there’s too much to do, I can repeat and feel I can handle the month with joy because what I really want is to enjoy these special days of December.  Of course…this is what I need…you might need something entirely different!

Since this class (a mere 24 hours ago) I’ve sung this word, written this word and shared this word.  The amazing part of it is it HAS grounded me and kept me smiling and calm.

If you think a word of the month might enhance your Holiday experience, I now challenge you to consider what you need as a “go to” for an amazing December to remember.

Mine, is “BE”…just “BE.”


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