Collection of Links

We’ve collected some great blog posts and articles that we think you will enjoy. Let us know if you think one is more useful than another, and if you implemented any of the ideas presented here.

hotel size bottles  10 Things You Probably Own Too Much Of
In our household we have too much (according to this article from Apartment Therapy) of all 10 of these things. We’re working on it, and to start we picked sheets. We’re probably least emotionally attached to those, although we do like our sheets.



hammer  Top 10 Home Improvements that Pay You Back
USUALLY you get some of your money back when you sell your improved home. However, be sure to check conditions in your area. Most of the time the cosmetic, somewhat quick improvements like painting pay off. Sometimes bathroom and kitchen improvements pay off, but it depends on how much you spend, and it’s sooooo easy to overspend. Be careful here, and be sure to take your Realtor’s advice.



keys to new house  How Fast Can You Buy a Home?
The answer for Buyers is probably, “Not fast enough!” Well, a real estate transaction today is almost always not fast enough for anybody involved in the transaction. This article helps Buyers get everything lined up to have the fastest possible transaction, which, again, is almost always, “Not fast enough.”




burglar  10 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know
In many local residential areas, it’s very easy to get very carefree about leaving our things out and about, and not worrying about theft. But, we can all be just a little more conscientious about our possessions, and making our property less inviting to burglars.




mold  How to Prevent Mold & Mildew
This article suggests how we can prevent the common household problem. The video explains how to get rid of it once we get it, which we probably all do at one time or another.





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