Easy & Affordable Moving is Now Possible with Moveline

Here’s a cool app to help you with moving. Hope you find it useful.

By John Thompson, Executive Vice President, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

Moving can be such a headache!  When in the middle of a move, one can’t help but wonder if there is anything more stressful, tiring, and frustrating.  Unfortunately, we all have to move sooner or later, and moving is never cheap.  Lucky are we living in the age of apps because there is a company that has made moving more efficient and surprisingly enjoyable.  If you are moving, let me introduce you to your new best friend: Moveline.  If you aren’t moving, but know someone who is, tell them about Moveline and you’ll become their best friend!

Moveline is a service that allows you to take video of your belongings.  You can do this live on FaceTime with a Moveline consultant or you can send in prerecorded footage room by room.  Either way, a friendly Moveline consultant will take inventory of all your stuff (quicker than you could yourself… it’s their job!), forward that information to moving companies, and help you choose the cheapest service based on what you want.


Just like traveling websites we have become familiar with for purchasing cheap flight tickets, Moveline lets you compare prices and customer reviews of moving services all in one place.  Better yet, the first quote they give you is the price you will pay; no surprise price increases further down the road!  And did I mention the app and Moveline service itself is free?
Essentially, Moveline makes moving easy by quickly gathering all the information you need to save money and helping you make smarter moving decisions.  Some tips they might give are:

  • Don’t fill a box with all books
  • Cushion fragile items with your clothing instead of buying bubble wrap
  • Use your luggage as a box

And some questions Moveline can answer are:

  • How much will it cost to hire a moving company?
  • How many boxes do I need for all my stuff?
  • What truck size do I need if I want to do the move myself?

Moveline will fill you in on all your options for moving.  They will even offer you advice on what should be moved with you, what you should transfer to a storage unit, and what should be thrown away if you have those kinds of questions.  If you change your mind further down the road, your consultant will tell you how you can rearrange your options (bring one thing, leave another behind) to keep your original moving quote the same.   After Moveline has booked the move in its entirety for you, you just have to box your smaller stuff up and be ready for the moving service to arrive!  This app is unique, and making a rather big splash in the app market.  An article from Forbes states, “Moveline brings the ease of an app to the headache of moving.”  Writer Jordan Crook for TechCrunch tested Moveline when he moved within New York City and said, “The quotes I sourced on my own from moving companies and storage companies couldn’t beat the prices I got through Moveline.”   Moveline serves long distance moves from any city to another city in the US as well as local moves in the SF, Boston, Austin, LA, Seattle, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, and NY metropolitan areas.  So download it, and have the most smooth moving experience yet.   You can contact Moveline 8am-10pm EST every day through the app.  Or, if you don’t have a smartphone capable of video chatting, just use their website to get the same service (although you’ll have to be able to send them videos of your home and belonging, say, through your laptops’ video camera).


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