Solar Power Myths Busted

solarAnytime something new earns more than a foothold in a lucrative area of business, some kickback occurs. As solar power panels started appearing on homes and businesses around the world, the kickback against solar power showed up in the form of myths. Homeowners and business owners have a right to the truth so this article will debunk a few myths about solar power.

Myth 1 – Solar Power is Too New to Warrant Investment by Homeowners

The first experiments on solar power took place in Europe before the American Declaration of Independence. Seventy years later a French scientist confirmed and publically demonstrated a photovoltaic reaction caused by exposure to the sun. In the first quarter of the twentieth century Einstein wrote the first scientific paper that explained the photovoltaic effect. By the end of WWII solar power equipment, ideas and experimentation took off in the United States with demand for anything solar growing exponentially. Solar power is anything but new, it has been researched extensively for the last one hundred years and basic solar science is older than commercial hydrocarbon exploration.

Myth 2 – Solar Power Does Not Work at Night

It is correct to say that solar power will not generate useable power during hours the sun has set. This myth fails to account for the fact that many solar power installations produce more power during the day than is needed. That power can be fed back into the local power grid or stored in batteries. Those batteries can be used at night and energy that was fed into the grid subsidizes other forms of electrical energy during the day.

Myth 3 – Solar Panels Add to Global Warming

Almost every item we use in our lives has a carbon footprint, especially during manufacture and transport to markets. During the life of those products most require maintenance with continuing negative impact on the environment. With solar power the carbon footprint ends at the point of installation. During the lifetime of a solar power installation, now defined as the warranty period of the installation, there is zero negative impact on the environment of the earth. No other current source of power, green or not, can make that statement.

Myth 4 – Solar Power Installations Are Inefficient Except at Noon

Properly placed and installed, solar power installations are highly effective, even on cloudy days. Recent discoveries at major American universities have resulted in small, leaf sized solar power panels that can face in any position, relative to the sun, and still generate power efficiently. This discovery was based on research into how trees, which also depend on energy from the sun, are able to survive with leaves that face in many different directions.

Myth 5 – Solar Power is Unreliable

According the U.S. Department of Energy, solar power is the most reliable source of power currently available. In surveys taken by DOE, fully 94 percent of home and business owners rated their solar power installations, regardless of how that power was utilized, as highly efficient. In the Middle east, solar power is desalinating sea water because the efficiency levels are unmatched by any other source of power.

This information should help dispel some of the knee jerk, kickback reactions to the popularity of solar energy. As research continues and new applications are found the ubiquitous nature of solar energy will continue to increase even more.

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