5 Reasons Selling A Home Now Makes Sense

Housing Market ChartMany California homeowners are currently waiting to put their home on the market. The thought process usually involves traditional thinking that everything always looks best when the grass is green and flowers are in bloom. A home will surely be easier to sell if that is the case.

This is true, but your competition will also be using the same logic. Every year people wait until Spring to put their homes on the market. All at once there will be an influx hitting the MLS. In Gilroy there are compelling reasons why now is the time to get your home ready sooner rather than later. Here are five reasons why you should list your Gilroy home for sale now:

  1. Home Inventory at Record Lows – The inventory of homes for sale in the area have dropped substantially over the last six months. The number of homes for sale in most communities has fallen to lows we have not seen for many years. When home inventory levels drop home prices tend to rise, and that has certainly been the case in Gilroy. This becomes even more prevalent in a popular neighborhood where buyer competition is high. Many times there are bidding wars. We have already started to see this trend on homes hitting the market now.
  2. Demand is Up – Contrary to what some people may think there are lots of buyers out in the market place right now looking for a home to buy, and having their financing all lined up and ready to place. Some are first time buyers who are looking for a place to build some equity. There are others who see an opportunity to move up in the market as home prices have dropped substantially since the market peak in 2005.
  3. Renting vs. Buying – The cost of renting versus buying a home has become the same and in some cases it is actually less expensive to buy a home. Rents in many areas have steadily increased over the last five years while home prices have dropped. If you factor in the potential benefits of building equity and some tax breaks with home ownership, you can see why it makes sense.
  4. Interest Rates Going Up – Interest rates are at record lows at the moment and most economists predict they won’t stay that way for too much longer. While interest rates are not predicted to move up dramatically, every time they inch up a half a point they can knock out a percentage of first time home buyers out of the market. The first time buyers fuel the rest of the market like dominoes.
  5. New Construction Coming Back – Builders are starting to get back into the fray. When builders are actively building homes it becomes harder for some who are selling their used homes to compete. There are many that will jump at the chance to have a shiny new home with all the bells and whistles customized to their specific needs.

Bonus Reason to List Now – If you’re one of the many homeowners who are hanging on with a negative ownership position, where you owe more than your property is currently worth, and don’t know where to turn, this is your best opportunity to move on. Short sales are being negotiated with lenders in far shorter timeframes than in the past, and lenders are recognizing that action needs to be taken. If you have exhausted all your options and your finances are drained, it’s time to move on.

In summary, if there are no time constraints on your part you should consider moving up your timeframe for putting your home up for sale. Our Gilroy market is extremely hot. Morgan Hill is the same, and Hollister is very close behind. Get ahead of the Summer competition and list your home for sale today. Contact Team Patereau to talk about the right price and the right time to sell your home.


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