Local News Monday

Here’s what’s happening in and around Gilroy for Team Patereau this week as we all gear up for the coming holidays.

Old City Hall

Old City Hall is open again. In case you haven’t heard, the Station 55 crew including Fran and Bobby Beaudet have opened a restaurant there. The offerings are “California Coastal Cuisine” and they are open for lunch and dinner. Team Patereau is going to try to get over there this week. We may squeeze in a lunch, but for sure we’ll stop in on Thursday (date night!).


Holiday shopping discounts and bargains are everywhere. Team Patereau is going to get started on our shopping this week. We try to keep our holiday festivities to about two weeks. That way we are able to keep up our energy and enthusiasm for a wonderful time of year. House is decorated inside and out, with the exception of the tree. That doesn’t go up until next week.


Gilroy Gardens button

Speaking of festivities, Susan’s family is scheduled to arrive on Friday, for a fun-filled pre-holiday week-end. The Murphey Sisters are gathering and have plans for taking in the lights at Gilroy Gardens on Saturday night, and shopping at the outlets every chance we get.



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